Drawing Audit

IDC are experts in design and construction drawing production. Construction drawings must be accurate and provide enough information to price and build with confidence, for many projects the drawings are not to the required standard or contain sufficient content.

IDC can audit architecture and engineering drawings to identify likely errors or non-compliance issues that can then be referred back to the consultant or owner for resolution. Dimensional checks can be made for critical clearance and sizes through to full dimensional checks for every element in the building. Having confidence in your drawing package can mitigate construction delays and building compliance risk.

Special drawings can be produced specifically to suit construction methodology, or based on IDC extensive experience in international project drawing production. Accuracy and reliability are the key to good drawings.

If your project has drawings produced by a consultant no longer engaged on the project, you have inherent risk in their drawings and it is highly recommended that they are validated prior to construction. A simple series of checks can quickly verify if the drawings are accurate and identify risk items to discuss. Rectification of drawing packages can be done to eliminate errors and to make any required design updates.