Design Coordination

IDC are experts in large project coordination across all disciplines and can provide quick audits of the building design to avoid delays and change orders during construction.

  • Architecture to Structure Clash Detection
  • Architecture to MEPF Clash Detection
  • Structure to MEPF Clash Detection
  • Column coordination: missing or incorrect size columns
  • Facade coordination: operable window locations, shadow box glazing panels, color back glazing locations, correct vertical alignment, steps, curves, junctions, parapets, ceiling junctions
  • Floor drainage to waste outlets, ceiling height checks to fit services and avoid clashing
  • Fire stair design, building access, roof access: IDC can check if compliant with building regulations
  • Toilet and bathroom layouts, kitchen layouts: IDC can check compliance and efficiency of design
  • Ceiling lighting and services layouts, IDC can produce fully coordinated and dimensioned layouts for construction
  • Built-in steel framing coordinated with architecture.