Clash Detection

One of the greatest benefits of BIM modeling for projects is the ability to bring architecture and engineering models together as one and check for design clashes in 3D. To visually check the design in 3D before construction is a great way to build confidence in the design and pricing. Running Clash Reports on a regular basis during the design stage and during construction provides even greater benefits and assurance that it can be built once avoiding expensive change orders on site.

Industry standard clash reports can be confusing, IDC can provide simple and effective reports showing hard clashes between architecture and engineering design elements that must be rectified before construction.

We can provide a cloud based interface showing each clash and the responsible consultant who must make the design correction before construction.

Clash reports during construction is another new trend in international construction to de-risk the contractor from consultant or sub-contractor design coordination errors. In real time, clashes can be identified and the responsible party made aware that a correction must be made in conjunction with coordination between other trades or consultants.

Clash reports are a quick and painless way to ensure the design and construction process is linear with minimal delays on site.